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      Zhongqi Overseas Group, founded in May 2012 and subordinate to Zhongqi Holding Group, is engaged in overseas development and construction. It mainly engages in overseas agricultural and forestry development, rubber plantation management, construction and management of special economic zones, management of industrial projects, investment and management of real estates and hotels, engineering of construction projects, international trade and others. Zhongqi Overseas has several Subordinate companies : Zhongqi Overseas (Cambodia) Co., Ltd., Zhongqi Overseas (Cambodia) Industrial Co., Ltd., Zhongqi (Cambodia) Investment & Real Estate Co., Ltd., Zhongqi Jiaojian Overseas Engineering Co., Ltd., Zhongqi Holding Group (Australia) Co., Ltd., Zhongqi Jiaojian Group (Australia) Co., Ltd., Zhongqi Kaijian Joint Venture Group (Australia) Co., Ltd., Zhongqi International (HK) Co., Ltd. 
      Zhongqi Overseas (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. is entitled to 70-year franchise right of 9068 hectares of economic concession land in Mondulkiri Province. The company is mainly engaged in felling and processing of woods, and planting of rubber and other industrial crops. The resources on the ground mainly include BangKirai, Cambodian Rosewood, pyinkado, rosewood, Apitong, lagerstroemia calyculata and other rare woods. The company is to develop the adjacent 20000 hectares of economic concession land. 
      Zhongqi Overseas (Cambodia) Industrial Co., Ltd. acquired 900 hectares of special economic zone in Kratie Province, where is closely adjacent to international ports of Cambodia and Vietnam. The zone is 160 kilometers from Ho Chi Minh Port, Vietnam, and is the biggest one in the northeast Cambodia with the most complete functions, including several processing sectors related to timber, rubber, cable, stone and cassawa. 
      Zhongqi (Cambodia) Investment & Real Estate Co., Ltd. acquired 200 hectares of seaside land in Preah Sihanouk Province, boasting over 1300 meters sand beach coastline and being between mountains and the sea. The company plans to build seaside holiday hotels, gaming and entertainment city, golf course, catering and shopping center, luxury villas, so as to provide a most satisfying destination for people to relax, live, take a holiday and complete business reception. 
      Zhongqi Jiaojian Overseas Engineering Co., Ltd. is a Class-A enterprise holding the highest construction qualification of the Kingdom of Cambodia. The company was founded in February 2013, and with the support from the special-class general contracting qualification in house construction of Zhongqi Jiaojian Group, it is able to contract various house construction projects, municipal public works and other construction engineering projects. 
      Zhongqi Holding Group (Australia) Co.,Ltd. was registered on October 14, 2014 in New South Wales with a registered capital of 6 million Australian dollars. Its ACN is 602327248. The business scope of the company covers real estate development, and sales and import and export of aluminum profile, aluminium alloy doors and windows, electric wires and cables and construction materials. 
      Zhongqi Jiaojian Group (Australia) Co., Ltd. was registered on October 14, 2014 in New South Wales with a registered capital of 6 million Australian dollars. Its ACN is 602328012. The business scope of the company covers general contracting of construction engineering and other relevant businesses. 
      Zhongqi Kaijian Joint Venture Group (Australia) Co., Ltd. was co-founded by Zhongqi Kaijian (Australia) Co., Ltd. and Australia WAX8. The joint venture was registered on November 9, 2015 in Yarraville of Victoria, Australia and its registered capital reaches 1.065 million US dollars. The joint venture mainly provides to the middle level market of Australia construction materials manufactured by Zhongqi Holding Group, such as aluminium alloy doors and windows, ceramic tiles, cables. 
      Zhongqi International (HK) Co., Ltd. was solely founded by Zhongqi Holding Group in Hong Kong on January 12, 2017. The number of the certificate of incorporation is 2475735. The company mainly conducts its businesses in international market. 
      Looking ahead, Zhongqi Overseas Group will actively seize the opportunities and respond to challenges brought about by globalization, the Belt and Road and the market economy of China, and fully participate in market competition on the basis of its long-term development strategy, distinct core competences, scientific management and trustworthy brand image. The group will keep forging ahead and never content with its achievements, and make more outstanding contributions to serve the society and benefit the people. 
      Zhongqi Overseas Group keeps a foothold in overseas market and continuously builds its global brands and images. 

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