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Zhongqi Overseas (Cambodia ) Co., Ltd.
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      The company was founded in May 2012 in Phnom Penh, capital of Cambodia, with a registered capital of 10 million USD. The company mainly engages in import and export, transportation, wood felling and processing, and planting of rubber and other industrial crops. 
      Its Subordinate companies  are to develop and manage 30242 hectares of economic concession land. The said project lies in Mondulkiri Province. So far, as of June 2017, 9068 hectares of the land of the 1st phase of the concession land has witnessed the felling of 1050 hectares of wood and the logs harvested reach 23000 m³;as for the planting of industrial crops, the project planted 100 hectares of rubber, 50 hectares of cassawa and 600 hectares of cashew nut trees. the 1st phase of the wood-working factory in the forest has built 2200 ㎡ of plant with an annual processing capability of 10000 m³.
      The company adheres to the concept of sustainable development, actively and steadily advances the cyclic planting and processing of industrial crops. 
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