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Zhongqi Kaijian Joint Venture Group (Australia) Co., Ltd.
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      Zhongqi Kaijian Joint Venture Group (Australia) Co., Ltd. was co-founded by Zhongqi Kaijian (Australia) Co., Ltd. and Australia WAX8. 
      The joint venture was registered on November 9, 2015 in Yarraville, Victoria of Australia with a registered capital of 1.065 million US dollars, of which 543,210 US dollars are invested by Zhongqi, accounting for 49% of the total. The joint venture mainly provides construction materials manufactured by Zhongqi Holding Group, such as aluminium alloy doors and windows, ceramic tiles, cables, to the middle level market of Australia. The company has supportive processing plants in Australia and its investment payback period is relatively short. 
      The samples of aluminium alloy doors and windows presented by the joint venture have all passed N3 Acceptable Quality Level test by Australian Door and Window Manufactures' Association, most samples reach standard N4, and some even reach standard N6, the highest in Australia. The products of the joint venture have been certified as mid and high-end products of Australia.  
      The joint venture has established good relationships with local builders, developers and contractors. In addition to the marketing of aluminium alloy doors and windows, it also sells ceramic tiles, wood cabinets, furniture and other construction related products manufactured by domestic company. 
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