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Zhongqi Holding Group (Australia) Co., Ltd.
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      The company is incorporated in New South Wales on October 14, 2014 with a registered capital of 6 million Australian dollars. ACN of the company is 602327248. the business scope of the company covers real estate development, sales of aluminium profile, aluminium alloy doors and windows, electric wires and cables, and construction materials, and import and export. 
      One of its projects in Australia is to invest 1.65 million Australian dollars in Gosford City of Sydney to purchase a land lot and the above-ground structures. 
      Gosford city lies in the central coast area, to the north of Sydney and 79 kilometers from Sydeny. The city is one of the most popular tourist resorts and fashion life areas for the white collar. Most of the local people are European descendants, of which 83% were born in Australia. Most of the local people are the white collar workers, simple and honest. 
      Gosford City, bridging Sydney and Newcastle, is well-known for its business and tourism activities. It is one of the seven big cities in the planned pan-Sydney metropolitan area of New South Wales, connecting Sydney with convenient roads, railway and marine traffic. It costs us less than an hour to drive south from Gosford to Sydney along the artery express way, and less than one and a half hours to drive north from Gosford to Newcastle. On the way, there are several beautiful bays to the east and scenic national parks to the west. The railway is faster and more convenient, and it costs us only 40 minutes to get to Sydney, where the railways extend to all directions of the country. On one hand, the educational and medical research center with Newcastle University, Taff and Gosford Hospital as its backbone includes many public schools, private schools, commercial colleges, public libraries, community libraries, health care centers, and nursing homes. On the other hand, the beautiful landscape richly endowed by nature allows the city to develop various cultural, sports and entertainment facilities, including footways and bikeways for exercise purpose, water-side scenery corridor, footpath for climbing purpose, race courses, stadiums, yacht clubs, golf courses, etc. If you walk eastward, you will get to Gosford railway station, and drive westward, you will drive into Pacific Highway. 
      In consideration of these favorable conditions, the company is going to develop the land and the above-ground buildings and build 50 or so apartments with a building area of about 6000 ㎡. It is expected that these apartments will sell at 150 million CNY. Later, the company will continue to develop and is going to build 600 and 200 apartments respectively at downtown area of Sydney. The company has also surveyed Brisbane, Melbourne and is going to develop real estate there. 
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