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Cambodian Mondulkiri economic concession land



      The project lies in Mondulkiri Province of Cambodia and involves 30242 hectares of economic concession land. The project mainly deals with felling of wood and planting of rubber and other industrial crops, and will provide a great amount of wood and rubber resources. The resources above ground are mainly presented by the virgin forest, including dozens of precious woods, of which the Special Grade and Grade 1 wood include BangKirai, Cambodia Rosewood, pyinkado, rosewood, Apitong, lagerstroemia calyculata and mahogany ;Grade 2 wood include Keruing, Cambodian ironwood etc. According to the field assessment by the professional forestry survey institute, as for the 9068 hectares of forest of Phase 1, the average log reserves reaches 100m³/hectare, the total log reserves reach 1492600m³, the total reserves of the commercial sawn timber is more than 90000 m³. The planned investment for Phase 1 of the project is 90 million US dollars. 

      Presently, as for 9086 hectares of Phase 1 of economic concession land has fallen 1050 hectares of wood and got 23000 m³ log. The office and living areas, sawn wood processing plant, rubber nursery garden, main roads, boundary roads, dams and other infrastructures are completed. The project has planted 100 hectares of rubber, 200 hectares of cassawa, 750 hectares of cashew nuts, 30 hectares of peanuts, 70 hectares of pepper. the 1st phase of the wood-working factory in the forest has built 2200 ㎡ plant with an annual processing capability of 10000 m³.

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